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Pest Control

The RM of Excelsior employs a Pest Control Officer who does spring and fall seasonal checks and will bait problem areas of rats and mice.

If you require additional bait, please visit the office where pest control bait is available to ratepayers at no cost.

The RM Council has decided to subsidize the use of strychnine for gopher control at a cost of 50%.  Strychnine is available at the office for $153.85 per case.

Gopher Control:

2% Liquid Strychnine – Permanent registration has been granted for the use of 2% liquid strychnine in Saskatchewan for the purpose of control of the Richardson Ground Squirrel. Therefore, as long as product continues to be available, the municipality will stock it for sale to our ratepayers. The Ministry of Agriculture still requires that we operate the program in a similar manner as in previous years of emergency use, by obtaining written application forms for every sale and follow-up evaluation reports.

Please assist us in the return of these evaluation forms in a timely manner, so as not to jeopardize the program for future use.