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The RM has two municipal breeding pastures available for use by ratepayers of the municipality. Twelve patrons with 15 pairs are allowed in the South pasture and ten patrons with 15 pairs are allowed in the North pasture.  Once a patron buys-in, they have first right to continue for future years. If a vacancy occurs, advertising takes place and persons interested in being a patron in the breeding pasture need to complete an application for admission. There is a buy-in amount that needs to be paid up front. A portion of this amount is refunded when you no longer wish to be a patron of the pasture.

Both pastures have designated take-in and take-out days and fees are charged based on the number of days in the pasture. Each pasture also has a designated Pasture Manager. Cattle being admitted to the pastures must be branded.

For further information, please contact the RM Office.