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Author: RM166

Election for Even Numbered Divisions

Nominations are currently being received for the upcoming election for Councillors in the even numbered divisions.  Nomination papers plus a Public Disclosure Statement must be received at the RM Office by 4:00 pm Wednesday, October 5, 2022.  These forms can be found under the Council tab and then choose ‘Election’.

Petition to Allow Strychnine Use

The RM has a petition that can be signed to request the use of strychnine for gophers.  This petition will be available for signing at the RM Office until September 16th.  Office hours are from 9:00  am to 12:00 noon and from 12:30 to 4:00 pm.


Gopher Poison

As a result of the Ministry of Agriculture performing a strychnine alternative study in the RM of Maple Creek this spring and having great success with a different product, the RM of Excelsior has ordered Burrow Oat Bait and Rodent Bait to be used on gophers. The bait is a pasteurized oat bait and is treated with zinc phosphide which means it will not germinate. It was found to be as effective as strychnine and less expensive. It is also less prone to leaving dangerous residue in dead gophers. Pending any shipping concerns, this product should arrive at the end of June. Cost is $120 plus GST for a 20 kg bag. If you would like to purchase this product, please let the RM Office know so we can add you to our list.

Train Blocking Crossing?

Is a train blocking a crossing for more than five minutes? Call the CP number found on the yellow sticker on the warning system.  You should also send a note to which is Transport Canada. Information that is important is the date, time, rail car number, locomotive number. Video evidence is also a good thing. Trains must be fully stopped for five minutes or more before you report it.

Recycling of pesticide & fertilizer containers

Farmers can start recycling empty pesticide and fertilizer containers on May 2.

In addition to empty small plastic containers for pesticides and fertilizers, Cleanfarms’ programs include:

  • A nation-wide recycling program for large non-deposit plastic totes and drums for pesticides and fertilizers,
  • Recycling programs for grain bags and baler twine,
  • A nation-wide collection and proper disposal program for unwanted pesticides and old, obsolete livestock and equine medications, and
  • A disposal program for see and pesticide bags in Quebec.


Visit for location collections.

Dust Control

Ratepayers are reminded that putting their own dust suppressant on RM roads is not permitted.  Please contact the RM Office for further information regarding the cost sharing program for dust control.