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Gravel Tender 2024

The RM of Excelsior No. 166 is accepting sealed tenders for 30,000 cubic yards of 7/8” road gravel.  Gravel is to be available on or before April 1, 2024.  The RM of Excelsior No. 166 will be responsible for hauling of the gravel from the site throughout the 2024 season and if necessary any future seasons until the gravel pile is depleted.  The ability for the RM of Excelsior No. 166 to have access to the pit as well as a loader on site will be necessary.

Each tender shall include the following information:

  1. A breakdown of all costs associated with the supply of the gravel including a list of taxes that must be added or are included in your price;
  2. A copy of a letter of good standing with Sask. WCB;
  3. Location of the gravel including the distance from the edge of the RM of Excelsior No. 166 via the closest haul road;
  4. Date gravel will be available;
  5. Size of gravel.

A third party is to be hired to measure the pile after the gravel is crushed and ready for use.

Sealed tenders must be received by the RM of Excelsior No. 166 on or before December 15, 2023 at 4:00 pm at the following address:

RM of Excelsior No. 166
310 3rd Avenue
Box 180
Rush Lake, SK
S0H 3S0

Tenders will be evaluated based on date of availability, price per yard, quality of gravel as determined by a decision of the Council, and hauling distance within 10 miles or less of the edge of the RM of Excelsior No. 166.

For more information contact the RM Office at 306-784-3121 or by e-mail at