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Election News

Scroll below for information on Abandonment of Poll, Notice of Vote, Advance Poll, Acceptable ID and Covid-19

Abandonment of Poll

A poll is not required for the positions noted below and no voting for the said offices will take place.  The following persons are elected by acclamation:

Reeve:  Harold Martens

Councillor Division 3:  Danny Spenst

Notice of Vote

A poll has been granted for the positions below.  A list of the candidates has been included for your information.

Councillor Division 1:

  • Shane CASTLE
  • Charles DONNELLY
  • Devin HARLICK

Councillor Division 5:

  • Randy PETRAS

Voting will take place on Monday, November 9, 2020 in the Rush Lake Hall between the hours of 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Voting for the Chinook School Division Subdivision 3 will also be taking place at this location during the same time period.

An Advance Poll will be held on Wednesday, November 4, 2020 in the Rush Lake Hall between the hours of 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.  The Advance Poll for Chinook School Division is being held at the Chinook Education Centre on a different date and time.  Please call Chinook Education Centre at 306-778-9200 for details in this regard.

What you need to know:

  1. Voters must show ID in order to vote.
  2. What is acceptable ID?
  • One piece of Government of Canada or Government of Saskatchewan issued ID that contains a photo, name and your legal land description OR
  • Two pieces of information that have the voter’s name and one must have the voter’s legal land description – see list of acceptable ID in this link    Acceptable ID
  1. Only qualified electors for Division 1 and 5 may vote.
  2. Who is qualified to vote?
  • Be a Canadian citizen AND
  • Be at least 18 years of age AND
  • Lived in the RM (in Division 1 or 5) for at least six consecutive months immediately prior to Election Day OR
  • Is the registered owner of property in the RM (in Division 1 or 5) OR
  • Is the spouse of a person mentioned above OR
  • Is the Chief Executive Officer of a duly incorporated cooperative or business or religious association that is assessed on the last assessment roll with respect to property in the RM (in Division 1 or 5) that is not exempt from property taxes.
  1. Where do I vote if I live in one Division and own land in a different Division?

You vote in the Division that you reside.  In this case that would be Division 1 or 5.

  1. Where do I vote if I don’t live in the RM but I own land in more than one Division?

You vote in the Division with the highest assessed value of the land you own.  You must present your tax notice indicating the Division you vote in on Election Day.  In this case that would be      Division 1 or 5.

Covid-19 and things you need to know when coming to vote.

Due to Covid-19 there will be certain procedures to be followed.  Please note:

  1. Voters will come in the door to the Rush Lake Hall from the street and will be asked to exit using the back door.
  2. Voters will be expected to wear a mask as well as use hand sanitizer upon their arrival.
  3. Voters are requested to bring their own black or blue pen for use.
  4. Social distancing, sanitizing and traffic control measures will be in place.
  5. No lingering in the Hall will be allowed. Only persons with the intention of voting should be in the Hall.

Dianne Hahn

Returning Officer