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Changes to Landfill Operations


Effective March 1, 2019 the RM will no longer have a pit at the landfill for burying of garbage.  All garbage and/or recyclables being brought to the landfill after that date must be able to fit into the garbage bin or the recycling bin.

Not Accepted at Landfill
·         Hazardous waste & dangerous goods (includes flammable, corrosive, toxic or

explosive materials, paint, oil & oil filters, batteries)

·         Tires

·         Scrap metal, steel

·         Car parts

·         Twine wrap

·         Bricks, dirt, sod, concrete, yard waste

·         Bio-waste (includes animal carcasses or other biological waste)

·         Pressure tanks or aerosol (includes propane tanks and aerosol cans)

·         Hot coals or ashes